Thermal hot fogger

I want to do some fogging on my property for mosquitoes and I’ve heard a hot thermal fogger is the way to go. I’ve got about 1/2 acre to treat. I’ve looked at some models but they all seem very expensive. Do I really need to use a thermal fogger to get good control?

Definitely not. Thermal foggers do offer some advantages over cold, misting type fogging machines but this advantage usually won’t pay for itself unless you were treating a large area. Since thermal foggers can treat large areas rapidly and more effiiciently than a cold fogger, they’re better suited when treatments will be done to areas which are in excess of any acre. For 1/2 acre, you’ll be able to get fine results with the B&G 2300 or the Fogmaster 6208. Though “cold”, they produce a fine mist which is more than adequate for most applications. And yes, you’ll use a little more chemical when treating with either of these but the difference is nominal at this scale.

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