fogging machine for warehouse fumigation

What model is an adequate fogging machine for warehouse fumigation?

Most all of the foggers we have listed can be used in a warehouse environment. However, there are some guidelines you should follow when deciding which to get.

First and foremost, are you looking for a misting machine or a true “ULV”? In general, the best way to tell which to get will be by looking at the label of the product you’d like to apply. Most all labels will list if a “space sprayer” or “mister” is okay to use versus a true “ulv” requirement. In general, it’s more common to apply ULV when dealing with flying insects in large open areas. The ULV, such as the FM7401, will produce smaller sized particles of fog which in turn will remain in the air longer. In general this will enable a ULV  to obtain better results for most flying insect pests.

Crawling pests can usually be controlled with any kind of space spraying mister or ULV machine so for them, it really won’t matter much which unit you get. All units we have listed will do the job; you mostly have to decide which size will be best for the area involved.

The second big factor will be the size of the area you’re wanting to fog. Small areas, what we consider to be less than 10,000 sq/ft, can be fogged with our MINI FOGGER. If you find this is “too slow” of a unit, get the FM6309 OR FM6208. Either of these will be fine for spaces up to a full acre. And if the area you’re wanting to fog is larger than an acre, it would be best if you provided more details so we can make a more informed recommendation. Please provide details like the main target pest, the products being stored in the warehouse, the cubic feet of the area involved, etc. All these will have an impact on just what unit would be best suited.

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