long reaching hose end sprayer

My stucco front porch alcove is 12 feet high and is filled with mud daubers.  Do you have a hose type sprayer that will reach that high from the ground.  For safety sake I don’t wish to spray from a ladder.

We have several options that should help. First, all our HOSE END SPRAYERS can spray 20 feet or more as long as you have sufficient water pressure. At my house, I’m able to spray almost 30 feet up with 3-4 of the models featured on the page above.

Additionally, we have several PUMP SPRAYERS that can spray 15-20 feet up so you have some options with this design as well.

Lastly, the TROMBONE SPRAYER is another good option and is very handy if you have trees and other vegetation that needs to be treated from time to time.