BG Dust-R

B&G Dust R

B&G 1152 Dust R

The B&G Dust-R is used for applying insecticide dust to cracks, crevices and other areas where targeted pests are located. It features a large dust holding tank, works by pumping and can displace a lot of dust rapidly if needed. It comes with several nozzles which are stored in the handle including one with a wide opening, one with a smaller opening and then a few really small tips. It also comes with an extension that has lateral dispersion. This tool is great for when you need to do a lot of dusting and don’t want to spend all your time filling the duster. The Hand Dusters we featured earlier will do most jobs but their small holding tanks mean that you will need to fill them often when you intend on doing a lot of dusting.

The Dust-R can used inside or outside homes for many types of applications including dusting attics, crawl spaces, outlets, in switch plates, wall voids, under appliances, under furniture, behind cabinets, soffits, bee nests, ceilings and just about anywhere you would apply a dust.

B&G Dust R being used.