sprayer that can spray 20 to 25 feet high

Hello. Which sprayer on your site should I get to spray cypermethrin up about 20-25 feet from the ground? Do they all come with the pinstream tip?

Can you let me know which item numbers would work for me?

There are two or three sprayers that can help here. The most popular one is the TROMBONE SPRAYER. It’s excellent for use outside and when you need to reach trees or house siding 25 feet up or higher. View the video on the Trombone page to see just how well this unit works.

Some people opt to use a HOSE END SPRAYER. When hooked to a garden hose with significant water pressure, the 6 GALLON or 20 GALLON can reach 20 feet or higher.

Lastly, the SOLO HD fitted with a VALVE CAP can be pressurized above the normal 45 lbs to enable it to reach higher. Just be forewarned that these tanks are only tested to hold up to 100 lbs so don’t over inflate them or they’ll break for sure. I have used them pumped up to 60-70 lbs and they can spray 20-25 feet. This has come in a handy a few times but isn’t something I’d recommend doing all the time. For a pure pinstream, this would be your best option. The Hose End options as well as the Trombone will both put out a lot more product and it won’t be nearly as tight as the Solo Pump Sprayer.

Here are direct links to the information and products listed above:

Trombone Sprayer:  http://www.gotosprayer.com/sprayers/pump-sprayers/trombone-pump

6 Gallon Hose End:  http://www.gotosprayer.com/sprayers/hose-end-sprayers/gilmour-six-gallon-hose-end-385

20 Gallon Hose End:  http://www.gotosprayer.com/sprayers/hose-end-sprayers/gilmour-20-gallon-hose-end-390

Solo HD:  http://www.gotosprayer.com/sprayers/pump-sprayers/one-gallon-solo-hd

Solo nozzle dripping not spraying

I have successfully used the Solo 2 gallon sprayer for about 7 years; however, the nozzle doesn’t spray any longer.  It only drips; there isn’t a mist.  I have removed the brass nozzle and filter in an attempt to clean them, but with no success.  Do you have any other suggestions?

First, try without the filter to see if it will spray. If yes, then that means the filter is clogged. At that point, try soaking the filter overnight to see if it unclogs. Fine debris can easily clog it and sometimes you won’t see it. If it won’t spray when the filter is removed, it could be the ball and spring. At that point, we usually replace the nozzle.

Hudson Eliminator pump sprayer

I’m looking at the Hudson Eliminator pump sprayer to use inside my house. Problem is that sprayers I’ve had in the past pump out too much chemical too fast. I want one that will be less powerful and not make a mess. Will this do what I want?

Most pump sprayers will pump faster and with more pressure if they’re pumped up too much. As a general rule, it’s always best to guage how much to pump your sprayer based on where you’ll be spraying. If you need to reach up high, say on the outside of a building, clearly more pumping will be required. If you plan on spraying inside the home, a low volume low pressure spray is generally best suited for such treatments. The Hudson Eliminator is a good starter or basic sprayer. It won’t last a lifetime but you should be able to do most any pest control spraying in and around the home with this pump sprayer. And we always suggest you first fill it with water only and practice using it so you can get a feel for how much “pumping” you’ll need to do for the areas you wish to treat.