25 gallon electric sprayer


I am emailing to inquire about Item # 287414. The 25 gal electric sprayer: can additional hoses be purchased and attached? The sprayer comes with 15′ hose and we need it to be double or triple that length. Thanks.

We have added up to 50 feet of hose onto this unit in the past and it’s worked quite well so adding enough to have 30 or 45 feet will be fine. However, currently we don’t have any of the extra hose in stock so you’ll have to wait till next week for us to give you an exact quote. I think what we’ve done in the past is to change out the 15 feet to be either 25 or 50 and we would essentially be replacing the existing hose prior to shipment. The 15 foot section would still be part of the purchase and sent along; the 25 or 50 foot amount would be set up at our shop and purchased as a separate item but we do the configuring for you. When the sprayer arrives, it will be ready to go with the new hose installed.

sprayer that can reach 30 feet or higher

I am looking for a sprayer to use in applying fruit eliminator (e.g. Florel) to a sweet gum tree. I think the tree is about 30 feet high and the hose end sprayers I have don’t seem to have one that can reach. What do you have in your product line that might do this job better?

We get this question quite often. The best option is our Trombone Sprayer which works off mechanical energy. View the video on the Trombone Sprayer page and you’ll see how it works and how high it can spray. The second option is to get our Solo 1 Gallon HD or Solo 2 Gallon HD and do some “tinkering”. We can’t “recommend” doing this (in case you damage something) but it will enable you to get more pressure into either sprayer for special situations where you need to reach extra high. Each of these sprayers has a pressure relief valve on the top of the tank (opposite the hose connection) which acts as a “pressure governor”. This governor will only allow a certain amount of pressure to build up in the tank when you pump it up. By replacing this valve with a valve cap, you can manually pump up the sprayer more than normal. This increase of pressure will enable you to reach higher when spraying. I have been able to get the pressure high enough to reach over 30 feet but it does require a lot of force to pump to get it this pressurized. I’m guessing if you used the sprayer like this all the time it would lead to a faster breakdown of some gaskets but I haven’t seen any real impact on mine after doing this a few times. The other concern I have is that when pumping with the handle you must take care not to damage the pump by pushing too hard on an angle. Be sure to direct the force straight down so the pump rod doesn’t bend or break. But since you really only need 60-80 lbs of pressure to get it to spray over 30 feet up, there shouldn’t be any problems if you do the pumping with the sprayer on a flat surface and restricting it tightly so it can’t shift around. The tank is rated for over 200 lbs of pressure so you can’t manually explode it when pumping it with your arms. For now, these are our two options.