pest control sprayers

You have a very informative website and thanks for all the work.  I have a real pine beetle problem and it looks like I need to buy a bunch of the Cypermethin to combat it.  May I please ask for your recommendation on the sprayer I need?  I am spraying 30 and 40 feet up so I need something that can spray a long distance if possible.
Please let me know what you would recommend and I will order it from you on the website.  Also I have 100s of trees to spray so if you can help me with how much Cypermethin to buy I would appreciate it as well.
Thanks for your help and I look forward to your response.
Have a great day.

If you are spraying early enough in the season, you won’t need to get too high to have a positive impact. Pine Beetles forage up the trunks of trees when the season first starts so in theory, they should be controlled when crawling over treated surfaces of the trees which you hopefully will have done before they start this migration.

That being said, most any of our PUMP SPRAYERS should do the job. For extra distance, you can outfit our 1 GALLON SOLO HD PUMP SPRAYER or 2 GALLON SOLO HD PUMP SPRAYER with a VALVE CAP instead of the stock pressure relief valve. The valve cap in place will allow you to pump up the sprayer with more pressure than normal thus enabling you to reach higher when spraying. Another option is to go with our TROMBONE SPRAYER which can reach extra high as well.

If you still have questions, please give us a call toll free at 1.800.877.7290 and we should be able to further assist on the phone.