back pack mister for boracare

Dear Sirs,
I have a Backpack Mist Sprayer and would like to use this to apply Boracare. Would this sprayer work?

It might but there could be consequences. First, you don’t mention the brand of the Back Pack Mister you own. We carry a SOLO BACK PACK FOGGER and it would not be recommended to pump the Boracare formulation through this model. There are just too many expensive parts and too much of a risk that the Boracare formulation will get coagulated which in turn would foul up the sprayer. In the end, the fix would be costly and just not worth the risk/benefit.

My suggestion is to avoid the risk altogether and either opt for one of our less costly FOGGERS we offer or go for our rental and use that one instead of your sprayer. This way there won’t be any chance of problems and costly repair as well as the loss of your machine. We also offer a RENTAL FOGGER that’s a great deal you get to keep for up to two weeks and would do the BORACARE application just fine.

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