N7Z sprayer options

does your N7Z come w/ a sprayer or how is it applied?



N7C can be applied many ways. It’s non hazardous to people, pets and the environment so there is no danger when coming in direct contact with the concentrate. Even so, we always recommend using some RUBBER or SURGICAL GLOVES anytime you’re working with one of our products. If wearing gloves, you’d be able to apply the N7Z with a sponge or rag directly to the area you need to deodorize. Just mix it up in a bucket and apply it by hand if you have direct access to the area needing treatment.

If the area is large or inaccessible, consider either a PUMP SPRAYER or a good mister/fogger option like the BG2300 or the FOGMASTER 6309. If you don’t want to purchase the fogger, we have some for rental. Just give us a call on our toll free 1-800-877-7290 for further details.

Fogging or misting the N7Z is best suited when treating attics and spaces above living areas. This way it’s not likely any material will leak down through the ceiling which can happen when using a pump sprayer and some “puddling” occurs when spraying. Using a Pump Sprayer is well suited for lower level applications like crawl spaces and basements where the spray is likely to be absorbed and the problems associated with puddling won’t mean anything.

Lastly, if the odor is in a wall void, the FOAMING TOOL may be your best option and well worth the investment.

solo 2 gallon sprayer wand

i broke my wand and wonder if a replacement is available. it broke right where it attaches to the hand control. thank you.

We’ve got several wands that can work on your Solo Sprayer.

24″ Plastic Extension

23-40″ Brass Extension

24″ Plastic Boom

60″ Brass Extension

Give us a call on our toll free 1.800.877.7290 and we’ll answer any questions and get you set up with the right one.