best sprayer for stink bugs

Jonathan – I am looking to order Baygon, Cypermethrin (4 oz of concentrate) and spreader sticker (8 oz) to treat for stinkbugs in the back exterior of my home and the interior entrance points. Which sprayer (item #) which would make the most sense to purchase to use the Cyper and the spreader sticker? Thanks, K.

The best sprayer for your need is really based on two things. First, how high you want to reach and second, how good of quality you’d like to have in a sprayer.

If your main need is to spray high on the exterior of your home, consider the TROMBONE or one of HOSE END SPRAYERS. These are specialized sprayers which can reach quite high but they are not so practical for regular monthly treatments where you may only be spraying 1-2 gallons of finished product. The Trombone is ideal for big jobs where a lot of product needs to be distributed over large areas. Hose end sprayers are similar but less efficient using more chemical and tend to waste more as well. Better suited for lawns, Hose End Sprayers should only be considered if you just need it to do the job and cost is a factor.

If you’d like a more “rounded” sprayer that will be better suited for a wide range of pest control treatments, the ELMINATOR is Ok and adequate for reaching 10 feet or a little higher. But keep in mind it’s a true “entry” level type sprayer and isn’t expected to last that long or provide the best of spraying experiences. A more refined, higher quality sprayer would be either the SOLO 1 GAL HD or the SOLO 2 GAL HD. These are very durable, strong and designed to last many years. The ROLL ABOUT 2 GALLON is the same sprayer but mounted on wheels.

Any of these and several more found at are more than adequate for the job you need done. Go to the site and if after further review you’re still confused, give us a call and we’ll be glad to assist. Our toll free is 1.800.877.7290.

240 volt foggers


Checking for a suitable mister to spray a 50 ft. trailer after unloading dirty linen.

If you can please advise or provide a quote would be great.  Is there a Canadian supplier for your products?  We have been using a B & G model 2400 but it doesn’t not have much life left.

I’m not sure about any local suppliers but I do know we carry a few options that would handle this job quite well. If you browse to our FOGGERS page, you’ll see the links for the models we carry in 240 volts. This list includes the FM 6309, the FM 6208, the FM 7807 and even the FM 5330 Mini Fogger.

Unfortunately these all vary so much in weight and packaging it would be a lot of work to get quotes considering all the options. If you can review the list I’ve posted and let me know which you think will work best, it would help narrow the field. We could then e-mail some quotes. Alternatively, we can call you at a good time or you can give us a call on either our toll free 1.800.877.7290 or 770.985.9392. At that time our reps will be able to work through the screens and get a shipping quote a lot faster. I do know we ship to Canada quite a bit via all the major carriers so getting one from us is entirely possible.

corks for sealing holes

I have 2 questions:

1.  I live in Sandy Springs.  Could I pick up my order at your Lilburn location instead of having it delivered by mail?
2.  You recommend 1/2 corks to plug up Carpenter Bee galleries.  Is there a significant benefit to using corks over wood putty?

Thank you.

First, you can come by our store during regular business hours and pick up your order. Store hours and our location can be seen here:

Second, there is some benefit of using corks over putty. The main reasons are posted in here: