delta guard granule spreader setting

If using Scotts hand held spreader for the Deltaguard Granules, should the setting be on #3?

The setting for your spreader should be found on the label of the DELTA GUARD GRANULES. You can see a copy of it here:


The bottom line is the setting is not as important as getting the right amount applied to the area you want treated. Delta Guard calls for 2-3 lbs per 1,000 square feet of turf. To get this, you’ll need to have the spreader set at the level that allows you to accomplish this based on how fast you move when the granules are sprinkled. I always like to start with a low setting and then mark off the area I know I need to cover with any given amount. I attempt to accomplish this with the low setting and then adjust as needed. If I find my normal pace of walking causes me to only apply half of what I need, I’ll turn the setting up a notch or two to let out more as I walk. Eventually I figure it out and you can do the same if you can’t find a good setting to start with. I don’t know the available options on your spreader but I do know that 2-3 lb’s per 1000 square feet is a medium amount so I would start somewhere between what would be considered a low to medium setting. This may not let out enough but remember, if this happens you can always go back and get it right. Alternatively, if you have the setting too wide open and apply too much, you’ll end up getting it all where it doesn’t need to be and there is no way to pick up what you put out again so it will have been wasted. In other words, it’s better to start with less being applied and adjust up. Good luck!!