Solo 2 gallon foamer

I have a slab I want to treat for a bad springtail infestation and I’m thinking using foam might help. The solo 2 gallon foamer looks like it will create a nice thick foam. Is this what you would recommend?

Springtail control can be tough – especially when they get up under a slab. The bottom line is that springtails migrate in such tremendous numbers they can be almost impossible to stop unless you get them where they’re nesting. Many times this is in the soil which is easy to treat. But if they start nesting under a slab, it can be extra tough. For such situations, we always recommend foaming. This insures the treatment will reach the bottom side of the slab which is where they like to roost. And be sure to treat more than just the side that touches the house. Since they are most likely living under the entire slab, if you don’t treat the whole area you’ll keep having them emerge through the treated soil because you haven’t successfully killed them all yet.